Our People

Our People


NNECA is run by a team of highly-skilled and experienced volunteers, who all believe in our mission and vision.We are hugely proud of our talented group of people who play key roles in the development of our programmes and services, research, funding, education and learning and administration.

“Volunteering for NNECA is really fulfilling and even if I only make a difference in one child’s life then it will be enough,” said our founder.

“Without our people our charity wouldn’t exist,” says Founder of NNECA. But with them we can keep our really important work going and continue to educate and empower children and adults to reduce the cases of child sexual abuse.”

 Our founder has vast experience within the commercial sector at CEO / Chairman level and has worked extensively in the charity sector, both in the UK and internationally. He has previously set up a foundation that helps educate, train and empower disadvantaged youth and chaired an education organisation, developing values-based curriculum.

If you would like to help NNECA, we would be very thankful to hear from you. Please visit our Work With Us page to find out more.