Policy & Advocacy



NNECA takes proactive efforts to make the UK the safest place to raise a child.

Through Prevention Advocacy, we promote addressing child sexual abuse as a national and international public health priority by sharing our research and experience based information with the media, government, other policymakers and advocacy groups.

Some areas, which we are campaigning for:

  •  Increased penalties for online grooming and cyber sex crimes.
  •  Mandatory inclusion of Prevention Curriculum within all UK schools and child caring establishments
  •  Established child safety zones.
  •  Increased penalties for those who sexually assault individuals with developmental delays or disabilities.
  •  Mandatory reporting/protection of vulnerable persons.

Looking ahead

Promoting child rights requires adults to take seriously their responsibility ensuring that children have everything they need for a safe, nurturing and healthy childhood. It also means listening to children’s voices and involving them in decision-making according to their physical, social and emotional development. It is our firm belief that if children AND adults are educated and empowered then we can imagine a world without sexual abuse. The field of child sexual abuse prevention needs to be comprehensive in its efforts by incorporating both child-focused activities and adult-focused activities.

Take Action

Take action on behalf of a child you love – and for children everywhere!

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