Our Solution

Our Solution


Education & Awareness – Prevention & Early Intervention

We believe 90% of child sexual abuse is preventable through better education and awareness

EDUCATION-NNECA seeks to ensure that every child has the tools necessary to be the first line of defence against his or her own abuse through our “Kids Safe Zone” abuse prevention material. The curriculum contains educationally sound content for children, parents, teachers, and carers.

Throughout the curriculum lessons, children are armed with protective principles and vocabulary to express their feelings and talk to a trusted adult. We know that 90% of the time a child is being harmed, it’s at the hands of someone they – and their parents – know and trust, and that lessons such as “stranger danger” and “good touch, bad touch” are antiquated and exaggerated. Children are taught to identify “safe” and “unsafe” situations, people, and secrets based on how each of these things makes them feel. In older grades, we address issues adolescents face in relationships with peers and adults, such as the balance of power, enforcing boundaries, self-respect, and the grooming process, both online and physical.

Our material and resources are also produced in Hindi and Mandarin, and offered free of charge to NGO’s and educational providers in India and China, with the capacity to reach nearly a billion children globally.

AWARENESS-We raise awareness about the prevention of child sexual abuse through public awareness campaigns and by harnessing the power of technology. Our opportunity is driven by the huge growth of social and digital media platforms. Recent studies show that over 94% of young people who use a mobile to go online, do so daily. Social media is the GOAT (greatest of all time) communication tool for younger generations and an incredible opportunity to scale, reach, and start conversations.

Our community outreach programmes look to the design and amplify abuse prevention resources with the children, their families, teachers, and carers. The work is extended to schools and colleges, sports clubs, faith centres, and all places where children are exposed to risk.

Our corporate outreach programmes look to reach out to workplaces, companies, and organisations that have the well being of their employees and their families at the centre of their mission. These are excellent opportunities to reach large audiences of parents and to share important prevention materials and educational resources.

We aim to tackle one of the largest areas of abuse, the area of SILENT ABUSE. It is important to understand that 90% of all child abuse is carried out by the family or someone known to the family of the child. By educating children, families, teachers, and caregivers, we share abuse prevention resources and are able to end child abuse, one child at a time.

CYBERPROTECT– Child sexual exploitation techniques are changing drastically due to ever-evolving online and mobile technologies. Children today have unhindered access to the Internet via smartphones and tablets – which has also led to an alarming increase in how quickly children are being groomed online.

The online world is found everywhere, and it is growing even more ubiquitous; and sex offenders believe that they can remain anonymous, which is what has led to an explosion of crimes that threaten all our children.

Grooming are actions taken to manipulate an emotional connection, using the Internet to trick, pressure or force a young person into doing something sexual, and with the aim to sexually abuse. These paedophiles will go where children go, and today that is the Internet, they will target chat rooms, online gaming platforms, social networking sites, and online forums.

Children are now taking in more and more information from the Internet and social media platforms, so we at the NNECA have adopted a highly impactful digital media strategy that amplifies our prevention and educational material across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and chat messaging platforms through posts, video, animation, and storytelling. This approach has proven highly successful in reaching tens of millions of children.

CyberProtect also involves the search and targeting of online predator risk. It involves both offensive and defensive campaigns pertaining to the threat of online grooming, sexual exploitation, and child trafficking. Through a highly skilled network of cyber experts helping identify and report any criminal activity in relation to children, including online grooming, sharing of inappropriate imagery, and other crimes that place children at risk.