Our Solution

Our Solution


NNECA believe 90% of child sexual abuse is preventable through better education and awareness.

Our work is purely in the area of prevention. (1) Education and Awareness, and (2) Cyber Protect

We encourage schools to adopt a ‘whole-school’ approach to child sexual abuse, meaning every teacher and staff member, every child and every parent should be empowered and equipped with the relevant age-appropriate prevention training to identify the signs of abuse, and possess the knowledge for next steps.

Teachers play a huge role in shaping, nurturing and supporting our children through their most impressionable years. So, it is logical that if we empower the teachers, if we train them how to spot the signs, if we provide them with a system where they can be confident that when a child confides in them, there will be action, we can have a huge impact on protecting as many vulnerable children as possible.

Our PreventEd training programmes are delivered through mobile E-Learning providing the necessary flexibility for teachers. E-Learning allows continuous reinforcement of content and skills, and will allow all schools to be trained within months, unlike face-to-face training. We advocate that the Department for Education certifies best practice guidelines and quality assurance.

We will continue to campaign for Legislation to introduce mandatory accredited training for all teachers and school staff in child sexual abuse prevention.

Apart from education, building awareness of child sexual abuse is critical in our battle. For too long child sexual abuse has been a hidden secret allowing predators to operate with impunity. We encompass all digital and social media platforms to build awareness, reaching millions of impressions weekly. We continue to improve our approach increasing reach in multiple languages and platforms, sharing our resources as far and wide as possible. Technology is ever-evolving so we must ensure we remain ahead of this curve.

Child sexual exploitation techniques are changing drastically due to ever-evolving online and mobile technologies. Children today have unhindered access to the Internet via smartphones and tablets – which has also led to an alarming increase in how quickly children are being groomed online.

The online world is found everywhere, and it is growing even more ubiquitous; and sex offenders believe that they can remain anonymous, which is what has led to an explosion of crimes that threaten all our children.

Grooming are actions taken to manipulate an emotional connection, using the Internet to trick, pressure or force a young person into doing something sexual, and with the aim to sexually abuse. These paedophiles will go where children go, and today that is the Internet, they will target chat rooms, online gaming platforms, social networking sites, and online forums.

Children are now taking in more and more information from the Internet and social media platforms, so we at the NNECA have adopted a highly impactful digital media strategy that amplifies our prevention and educational material across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and chat messaging platforms through posts, video, animation, and storytelling. This approach has proven highly successful in reaching millions of children.

CyberProtect also involves the search and removal of CSA imagery and online predator risk. It involves both offensive and defensive campaigns pertaining to the threat of online grooming, sexual exploitation, and child trafficking. Through a highly skilled network of cyber experts helping identify and report any criminal activity in relation to children, including online grooming, sharing of inappropriate imagery, and other crimes that place children at risk.